Different Types of Beers You Will Encounter

If you want to know the language of beer, you should know the major types of beer San Diego CA you will encounter. Though the best way to learn them is to actually drink beer. But we will still provide you some brief information about these common types of beers. Keep on reading to check them out:


A lager is your Bud Light among nicer beers. Lager beers are a perfect transition since they’ll remind you of a Miller Lite or a Bud Light. They are basically less alcoholic, most probably 3 to 4 percent, which means that you won’t get easily drunk by this type of beer. Lagers are great for day drinking, patio beers, and pool beers. The best recommendations for lager would be Goose Island 312 and Lagunitas PILS.


Wheat is perfect for those who don’t like a lot of hops—a bitter taste in your mouth after you drink an IPA. Wheat is usually more floral, fruity, and can be chugged down easily. There are others can contain more than 5 percent, however, they don’t taste like it. To reiterate, amazing patio brew. For wheat, you can try Three Floyd’s Gumballhead or Bell’s Oberon.

Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

You should know that you really need some time to get used to drinking some IPA. It is known that this type of beer is termed as IPAs since before, Indians make sure that the beers will last on their travel duration so they just pour more hops and more beers into the barrels. Indian Pale Ale can be harsh, amazing, and fruity. As soon as you have a palette for this kind of beer, it would be challenging for others to return to drinking other beers. However, be careful drinking IPAs since they could contain 4-9 percent of alcohol. The best examples of IPA would be Lagunita’s Hop Stoopid and Bells Two Hearted.


The usual misconception about stouts is that they are heavy when in fact a lot of them can actually be pretty light and contain fewer calories and alcohol compared to other kinds of beers. With this kind of beer, you can actually get plenty of rich flavors such as nutmeg, caramel, coffee, chocolate and many more. For others, stout could be too overwhelming but they actually have their own place and time. Great stouts include Smuttynose Stout and Left Hand Milk Stout.

Pale Ale

Commonly, pale ales are hoppy. However, they have lower content of alcohol in comparison to IPAs. Most of the pale ale types are easy to drink, malty, and medium-bodied, including blond ale, Americal amber ale, English pale, and American pale ale.


Saison is a beer that’s perfect for summer. This alcohol is bubbly, floaty, and can make you feel warm on the inside. Most people make this as a go-to alcohol and this would be a great recommendation for those who does not actually prefers beer. However, Saison is one step greater to more intense beers.

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