Ways to Donate Excess Wines from Your Company For a Great Cause

Once your company has gotten excess wine that you’ll ever drink, you can actually consider donating such wines for a great cause. For instance, other people donate wines to use this to generate money for the homeless or to support people who have cancer. Regardless of whatever reasons you have, there are a lot of means to donate your wine. For you to know more about this matter, our liquor store online that actually does liquor delivery have listed below some details regarding how you can start from.

Donate to a winery

If the area you are living in now has wineries, try to ask them whether they will take the wine for you. Usually, these wineries donate their wine to agencies or organizations to aid in raising money for a greater cause. In this manner, they can donate the wine for you, which means that you can save plenty of your time since they will do it instead of you doing it yourself. For instance, once you provide your wine to an agency that will provide the wine to somebody underage, you can be involved in a huge issue.

Once you don’t how any winery within your vicinity that you’re living in, you can try searching for them online. Then, you can start reaching them thru a phone call or email and ask if they are willing to get your wine from you. If this is the case, they might even provide you to pay for the expenses for the shipment of the wines you want to donate.

Donate to a charity

Reach out to other local charities and know whether they are willing to take the wine from you. Then, you can allow them to sell your wines to generate money. However, you should refrain from just taking the wine to a specific charity and just hand it over to them since there might be other charities that won’t take any type of alcoholic beverage. Although some charities won’t mind this act of favor.

Once there are several wines, the charity could host a wine tasting event to generate money and spend it for a good cause. In this case, charities would charge an entrance fee and then ask the attendees to pay for another fee so that they can taste the wines. You might even want to provide some of your time to assist them with the process of the wine tasting event. This way, you can somehow give back to your community. For instance, you can opt to aid them in setting up the room for the wine tasting event.

Once your area does not have any charities, you can look for different types of charities available online. Also, they might give you a list of the things they accept on their page as a form of donation.

Guarantee that you take your time knowing how to ship the wine properly if you want to try doing this on your own. Communicate with the shipping company as to how you would like it to be shipped and make sure that they allow wines to be shipped out.

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